Walk-In Wardrobe

This jalli kam walk-in wardrobe is designed to synergise with the rest of the furniture in the room which has a Bamboo and cane weaving type of look. Elegant bamboo forms are cut out and painted on a yellow sandstone finished base. An acrylic base sheet is added to diffuse the light inside and offer privacy. The Blue Gond Canvas adds a touch of cheer to the room, while continuing with the theme of nature.

Blue Pottery Bath Room

This elegant bathroom has a blue pottery wash basin and a matching mirror created by Baaya Design.

Lit Jallikam

Colored lights bring alive this beatiful Jallikam wall. The tree of Life brings abundance a touch of nature within a home.

Lit Glass Mandala Mural

These set of stunning Mandala painted glass murals are the perfect setting for the elegant lounge. The transparent panels are backlit to create an ethereal effect.

Gond Painting in Cupboard

The Gond Canvas depicts a horse and is set beatifully in this wardrobe.

Gond Tree of Life with Lipaikam

The eternal and abundant tree of Life is surrounded by Lipaikam frames to create a fresh setting for this bedroom. The art is done by Gond artists.

Gond Tree of Life 1

The abundant Tree of Life Gond painting in a Living room. Every mural is given a protective coating for longevity.

Gond Tree of Life 2

This stunning Gond tree creates a feeling of space and cheer in this high ceilinged living room.

Wrought Iron Wall Mounted T Light Frame

Elegant wrought Iron t-lights form a quaint and charming backdrop to this balcony.

Wrought Iron Gate and Frame

A Wrought Iron wall mounted T light and a gate creates charm while ensuring privacy.

White Lipaikam

Striking mirror work Lipaikam in a bedroom creates sparkle and charm. Artist from Kutch typically carry out this mural work.

Gond Tree and Deer

Gond Tree of Life with deer in a foyer. This mural is given a protective coating for longevity.

Santhal Art Collage

This earthy and sensual Santhal collage is 16 ft long and is placed in a corporate office lobby.

Saura craved Wood Collage

A collage made of craved wood work from Orissa and boldly colored textile panels. This collage works at two levels- it's a bold compsoition from a distance and up close the charming wood details can be seen.

Terracotta & Dokra Mural

This collage art work uses terracotta tiled base with abstract Brass Dokra compositions. Completely unique and rustic, these outstanding murals were designed to match with the furnture in this house.

Banyan Tree Terracotta Mural

This stunning relief work mural is painstakingly made with terracotta tiles - stuck piece by piece on the wall. The Banyan tree reflects solidarity and strenght. The mural is 32 ft wide and 8 ft tall.

Warli- Monsoon Mural

This striking Warli mural with the original mud base brings alive this guest house room! The thme depicted here is Monsoon time - with clouds, freshly sown harvest fileds, dancing peacocks, etc..