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A woman revels in the act of dressing up. This miniature painting depicts a woman dressed in all her finery and checking herself in the mirror. The minute details of the accessories and the graceful body language of the lady enhances the picture and makes it sensual. The colors chosen by the artist brings a poetic feel to the painting.

The evolution of Miniature Moghul art roughly spans three centuries from the sixteenth to nineteenth century AD. The story of Moghul paintings in India is said to have started with Khwaja Abdus Samad of Shiraz, patronized by the Moghul Emperor Humayun and later Akbar. Moghal paintings mark a colorful phase of Indian cultural history, closely related to different emperor’s personalities and preferences. From portraits to courtly activities, war scenes, animal hunting, nature and bird/animal study are some of themes of these paintings. Treatment of background and the landscape, give a sense of depth to miniature paintings related to this period. Artists have used soft tones, atmospheric effects, precise outlines with a sense of restrain and finesse. These fine paintings are a real feast for the eyes.