Baby Krishna on a Leaf

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This Nathdwara painting portrays baby Krishna floating on a leaf in a river. It is believed that during the universal deluge Lord Narayan (Vishnu) took the form of baby Krishna on a Banana leaf. In the painting we notice Krishna sucking his toe, this symbolizes him swallowing the universe in his belly, in order to protect his people till the cosmic waters would abate. The painting has intricate work and subtle colors that bring depth to the river and beautiful highlights, depicting the luminous and innocent baby Krishna.

Nathdwara paintings from Rajasthan are intricate, refined and portray a number of different moods, body postures and attires of Lord Krishna. It is a very ancient form of art, passed on from generation to generation in Rajasthan. These magnificent paintings are placed at the back of the deities, in temples. These paintings attract tourists and visitors by depicting the various facet's of Lord Krishna's life. Nathdwara painting is a group effort, where many skillful painters work under the supervision of one master artist, to create a painting. They are highly prized for their refined elegance and beauty.