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A typical Warli village has many activities- farming, forest activities, harvesting palm toddy, cooking together as a community are all part of their daily lives. They are surrounded by verdant hills and green forests.

This evocative folk art comes from the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat, where there are settlements of an ancient tribe known as the 'Warlis'. Simple, linear forms communicate the Tribe’s way of life, their social customs, the flora and fauna of their region, their occupations, harvest cycles and daily activities. Traditionally, the only color used in creating Warli paintings is white and the base is a mix of earth and natural stains like Henna and mineral colors. Earlier, women were the main repositories of this heritage and 'Suvasins' (married women) did the paintings on walls. The appeal of these compositions lies in their simplicity while conveying the profound. Today this art form is widely recognised and sought after in India and internationally.