Wood Painted Patachitra 'Monkey' Clock

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This intricately hand painted wall clock is made of natural wood and illustrates the naughty monkey motif, which is a part of many folk tales. It is done in the Patachitra paintings tradition. This table clock is an analogue clock with hour, minute & seconds hand. Patachitra is a distinct art form that originated in Orissa. It is mainly based on the religious paintings that revolve around Lord Jagannath at Puri's famous Jagannath Temple. Patachitra makes use of bold and vibrant colors and is painted by a community of artists in Orissa called Chitrakars. Patachitra or pata painting originated in the 12th century and received considerable patronage by kins and rulers. There are important scenes that are depicted in most pata paintings such as Krishna and the gopis, elephants, trees, creepers, flowers, etc in bright colors. The technique for painting a pata chitra requires skill and dedication. The artist uses fine brushes made from the hair of a mongoose or rat or coarse brushes made from the buffalo's neck.